A God created by humans

– How come there has spawned so many religious branches and interpretations off of one almighty god? Seems to me that Monty Python made quite a few points in the movie Life of Brian.
– What are you saying exactly? Sounds an awful lot like blasphemy to me.
– Well, history is full of people using faith to deceive others for their own personal gain.
– False prophets have been sent to challenge our faith, yes.
– So I’m right then?
– No, you’re bound for eternal pain and remorse, burning in hell while tortured by the demons of evil.
– Wow…for just asking these questions?
– Yes.
– What can I do to get out of this predicament?
– Accept this lifelong subscription of Collidal Silver for only $199 a month. Or submit to a lifetime in my service to help save other lost souls.
– Colloidal Silver? How would that help me?
– It cures everything. Original sin, cancer, atheism, you name it. And it’s really good against bad hangovers.
– I heard there’s no scientific evidence to support any claimed good effects…
– God works in mysterious ways. So what’s it gonna be? Eternal pain, subscription or service?